DIY Tie Dyed Anchor Wrap and Shirt

Anchor Tie Dye

 I found an awesome FB group called Dyed baby Carriers. I spent a ton of time reading about dyeing, getting inspiration and working up the courage to try to dye a wrap. I have grown up around water and had the idea of doing a nautical wrap. So why not try to do an anchor? I thought surely I could find a post or video about a tie dyed anchor somewhere on the internet…. WRONG! I searched and searched and came up empty.  But what I had learned from the Dying group is that any symmetrical image could be folded into fabric, so you could dye any design you wanted. I watched several YouTube videos of different designs folded, until I had a good idea of what I was going to be doing.  Then I got Started.

First you take your fabric and fold it in half where you want your design. I did have to adjust the design so I had more room in between the points on the anchor and the cross part of it.


Then trace half the design along the fold in the fabric. This was on a shirt I did, which I will show you at the end also.

Then you will according fold along the line forcing the fabric to go into a straight line. I could not take photos as I was folding, since it’s a two hand job. But later I did take a video while I was folding this shirt and uploaded it to YouTube. I’m not sure how much it will help the actual folding, but you can see it done there. It took me SEVERAL tries the first time I folded it on my wrap to where I thought I *might* get a anchor design.

anchor outline

Here was my wrap all folded up. The anchor is what is sticking up in the middle.
I had the anchor in the middle and then I did two swirls on each side.



And the shirt folded.


Wrap once I got dye on it.  I used 1 pack each Dylon dye in Bahama blue, Ocean blue, Navy blue and China blue mix with some Navy blue.  I mixed the dye in bottles using 2 cups hot water and added 1 tablespoon of salt and super washing soda (Or Soda Ash)

Be careful NOT to get the dark dye on the anchor sticking up like I did! I would recommend wrapping that in plastic wrap after you get the dye on it first  to avoid my mistake.


Now after you have the dye on you put it in a trash bag and let it sit in the heat to help set the colors. It’s best to wait 24 hours after dyeing. I waited about 16 hours before I checked on it. Then I mixed up some Soda ash water (about 1 cup per gallon) and poured it over the wrap. I let the extra drip out a hole I made in the bottom of the bag. Soda ash gives deeper colors. Then I let it sit another 3 hours.

Then you open it up and see what you got! I was VERY happy with the outcome!
This was before it was rinsed out.
I hung it up on our fence upside down… So this photo has been flipped.

DIY Wrap with anchor tie dye

Then you rinse, wash and dry to see the final project.

Close up of the Anchor.

Tie Dye Anchor

Anchor Wrap

DIY Wrap with anchor Tie dye

Full Shot of the whole Wrap.

Finished shirt. I just used navy and bahama blue on it.

Tie Dyed Anchor t-shirt

This wrap was the first item I had ever tie dyed, so you don’t have to be super experienced to get good results. Take your time on the folding and make sure you get the dye in the creases of the fabric.

Hope you try it out soon!