Hi, I’m Amy…27 year old wife and mother!

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Illinois, I graduated high school in 2004. I went to collage for Cosmetology, so I’m a  non practicing licensed Hair Stylist (i have a associates in applied science).  The summer after High School i Met my now Husband Luke.  We got married in June of 2007, then moved to Oxford Alabama. Well actually he had been living there since February when he got hired on with Harley-Davidson.  We lived in AL for 3 years before being relocated to Lake Havasu City Arizona for 2 years.  Now Luke has switched companies and we have relocated back to Illinois, Just Northern IL this time.

While in AZ we had our first child Logan Hunter ,in April 2011! Just so happens initials are the same as the town he was born in LHC. Logan is now 16 months old and parenthood has changes our lives! You don’t understand this until it happens to you! Logan is 110% ALL BOY and keeps me busy 24/7, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world!

After I Graduated Collage I worked as Master Cuts until moving to AL. While in AL, I  work in the H-D employee store at the Test Site my husband worked at. Basically it was selling the Clothes and gifts and collectables to the employees and very few visitors that signed their life away to come shop for a TTF t-shirt!  Then when we relocated to AZ, H-D opened another Employee store at the Proving Grounds which i worked at up until 38 weeks pregnant. Then i became a stay at home mom (SAHM).  Which is a HUGE adjustment and much harder than most think.

Now i Like to think i’m Crafty and Suzzy Homemaker!  By Suzzy homemaker i do NOT mean maid! I *might* lack in the keeping the house clean department…..  But i can cook, bake, crochet, and sew!


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