Crocheted Hats!

With fall weather approaching i thought i would show you all the crocheted hat i just finished and some of my past favorites!

I LOVE fall weather! Fall is still warm enough to play outside with the children jumping in the piles of  leaves, but you get to break out all those sweatshirts you have had tucked away for months. Fall also brings the bonfires, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows!

Browsing Pinterest i got this idea to made a Pumpkin hat for fall.  I had made this  base pattern i had made a few other times, then i just added the stem and curls to make it into a pumpkin!

This hat is made from the same pattern as the pumpkin and then added a Flower, it was a gift for our realtor for her first grand baby! She always loved all of Logan’s hats when she was showing us houses, so i had to make one for her grand baby.

Minnie Mouse hat i made for my niece when i was still learning to crochet. I just made a basic hat pattern and then totally just winged the ears and bow. 

I call this hat a Pink Camo Bear hat, I made this one for my cousins little girl for Christmas last year.

Football hat! I made this for another April mommy friend, her husband is a huge football fan and i knew they would just love it!

This is just a very basic warm hat, i used two yarns so it’s extra thick and warm! I just LOVE the colors and texture this hat has.  I made two matching ones for a friend for her newborn and 3 year old.

Leave me a Comment letting me know which hat you like best. 

Thanks for Reading The House of Homemade!


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