Welcome to The House of Homemade

The Face Behind the Blog…

I’m Amy a 27 year old wife and mother of a very active 16 month old named Logan.  I’m a Stay at home mom and a non practicing licensed hair stylist.  I married my husband Luke in June of 2007 and since then we have been across the country and back…..Literally! We moved from Southern Illinois to Oxford Alabama for 3 years, then Lake Havasu City Arizona for 2 years and we are now outside the Quad Cities in a small Northern Illinois town.

So you might be wondering where the blog name came from….The House of Homemade

First Homemade is cooking….I love to cook, bake and make candies. My kitchen time has been limited  in the last year, with a newborn and now the very active ALL boy 16month old, It’s hard to find time to cook dinner let alone whip it up from scratch!

Second Homemade is Crocheting….I started Crocheting when I was looking for hats for Logan last winter on Etsy. Needless to say I fell in love with more than I could buy! So i jumped on youtube and searched for how to crochet. Within a week i made my first hat….Not perfect but still darn cute for my first hat!

Third is Sewing….I just got my first sewing machine, A Brothers SE 400. So far i have just done some simple things like shorting curtains, fixing holes and my first project a travel high chair. You ask what in the world is a travel high chair?

I can not take credit for this ideal, i had seen one a few years ago and had made a mental note of it! I totally winged it and I call this version 1.0.  It has a few things I need to do differently next time, But hey it was my first real project and it works….I call that a success!

Now that i bored you all, i hope you come back and see what i have came up with next!


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